Calibrate Your Vehicle With Affordable Auto Glass

Vehicle Calibration and   Why is it Needed?

Many vehicles are equipped with front-facing camera sensors. These sensors are commonly used for
Automatic emergency braking
Adaptive cruise control
Lane departure warning
Lane keeping assist
Automatic headlight high-beam activation
Vehicle Calibration
So to do their jobs, ADAS rely on inputs from a variety of sensors that allow the systems to “see” what is happening around the automobile.

The most common are camera, radar and ultrasonic sensors.

Steering sensors are also used to help determine the direction of vehicle travel. Some systems use information from a single type of sensor, but others combine information from multiple sensors- a process called sensor fusion- to obtain a more accurate “view” of the situation.

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Local trusted and trained Recalibration Experts

It’s a good idea to come in and have your vehicle re-calibrated about once a year for best performance & vehicle care. Having a calibrated car with perfect glass is important to you and your car, so your satisfaction is important to us.